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Individualized Training Programs

Any trainer can tell you what a particular horse is doing wrong.
But the training techniques that fix one may ruin another.

The key to training consistent winners is understanding which methods best suit
that individual horse's personality and ability.

Every training program begins with an assessment of each horse's conformation,
disposition, physical skills and training level.

That evaluation is combined with the owner's performance goals and budget parameters
to create a customized training program that best fulfills each customer's expectations.

Mitch only accepts the number of horses he can effectively train himself, so every horse
gets the same high level of personal attention and professional expertise.

From starting futurity prospects on cattle to solving problems with show-smart
weekend warriors, the goal of every program is to create lasting,
positive change in your horse's performance and behavior.

Because consistency wins.

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to see some of the recent
winners Mitch has trained!

"I've dealt with a lot of
trainers over the years and Mitch
is more than just extremely
capable. He is the fairest, most honest trainer I've ever worked with. I doubt I'll ever want to
work with anyone else."
Harlen Neagle, Lazy N Ranch
Coldspring, Texas

"In 40 years of foolin' with cuttin' horses and 15-20 trainers, I've never met one with Mitch's
instincts for horses and skills with people. I'm happy to say he's the last trainer I'll ever need to hire."
Lenny Neyland
Mansura, Louisiana

MITCH FARRIS Cutting Horses
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