5 Ways to Use Internet Marketing for Business by AWOL Academy

In today’s digital world, Internet marketing is important like never before especially with the advent of the web and numerous social media sites. Whether its a small or big business unit, no person can ignore internet marketing and prosper. This kind of marketing boasts efficiency, high speed, and a wider reach. Nowadays, the internet has become a platform consumers purchase products and services, and where marketers place a great deal of their marketing focus. Any business not investing in internet marketing will soon be out of business.

Internet marketing is a business’ s greatest tool for increasing sales in this digital era we live in today. Before highlighting some of the most effective ways of internet marketing, here are some of the benefits of internet marketing:

#Better customer interaction

The internet gives business people an opportunity to reach their customers far and wide from the comfort of their beds. One does not have to leave their home or office to meet a client. A business can reach its customers all round the clock. Moreover, with this form of marketing, it is easier to follow up even after the sales process comes to an end.

#It’s economical

The cost of internet marketing is relatively cheap compared to traditional forms of marketing. This platform allows for the easier launching of a marketing campaign, designing of marketing materials and dissemination of information. Additionally, the manpower needed and the cost involved maintaining that manpower is comparatively lower. In internet marketing, sellers can sell their products or services directly to their customers. This cuts down costs as it eliminates the need for retail outlets to showcase and sell their product.

#A global market

Internet marketing enables a business to reach customers from all parts of the world. One can reach the clients that they were not able to reach before. Furthermore, this kind of marketing has no geographical limitations.

No matter where your business is, people can find you from anywhere in the world. Just like AWOL Academy on Linkedin.

The following are five ways to use internet marketing for business:

1. Facebook Advertising

This online marketing strategy is considered to be the most result oriented for an online business. This approach means promoting a business on Facebook to ensure increased traffic. This platform gives quick results and has a profound effect on the overall functioning of operations. The best thing about Facebook advertising is that it doesn’t require substantial investment because making online business profiles on Facebook is free. Having a business on Facebook is an easy and simplest way to communicate and share products with the targeted audience and stand to gain greater brand visibility, more significant reputation and far more inbound traffic.

2. Search engine optimization

SEO involves making a business website more visible in search engines, to get more traffic from people searching for a business’s products or services. SEO has become a crucial part of web commerce. Investing in effective SEO programs helps a company to move targeted search results higher in rankings. The higher a website ranks in search engines, the more likely consumers are to click on the link and go to the targeted website. SEO makes use of website elements such as titles, menus, images, and keywords to increase search engine exposure. We used SEO to get the AWOL Academy Yelp page ranked on Google. Without the right use of SEO techniques and strategies, a business website may not be able to acquire a good ranking on popular search engines. A good SEO campaign improves the overall ranking of a website on search engines.

3. Video marketing

This online marketing strategy involves the use of videos to promote products and services. Video marketing is more effective as it carries the strength of sound and sight to present a powerful message. It works similarly to television Ads. Video marketing is a means of reinforcing an existing marketing campaign to help remind internet surfers of products available.

4. Email marketing

This kind of internet marketing involves the distribution messages via e-mail. E-mail marketing can consist of a text message, images, or videos. This internet marketing strategy enhances the relationship between customers and a particular business. In e-mail marketing, customers sign up for newsletters so that they can repeatedly be reminded about their new products or services. These newsletters encourage customer loyalty and can come with many benefits like discounts, offers and so on. E-mail marketing has an astounding potential for ROI since it does not cost much to execute.

5. Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click (PPC) is an internet advertising system whereby a business only pays for the advertisement when a potential customer clicks on it. The main advantage of this form of marketing is that it’s quick for one to measure its success. It also saves time; it’s quicker to set unlike other online marketing campaigns and the business that sponsors it only pays for results. Moreover, this form of online advertising creates a highly targeted audience to attract visitors who are looking for a particular service. One way to make your Google PPC more effective is to have your own Google Plus page like AWOL Academy.

6. Blog marketing

This is an online marketing strategy whereby a blog plays a vital role in product promotion. It mainly involves creating a blog and posting articles to direct traffic to the blog. In blogging, businesses can use press releases, free reports, podcasts, videos, blog post re-writing and publicity to drive traffic to a particular blog.

Many other types of internet marketing are not mentioned here, all of which can be used to attract users to a website and business. Overall, Internet marketing should not be considered a cost but a valuable investment for increased sales and profit.

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